Zeeland High School Wetland
Type of Practice: Rain Garden
Date Mapped: Thursday, December 10, 2009
Description: Since its completion in 2003, the wetland demonstration site along the Brower Drain on Zeeland Public Schools (ZPS) property has provided a living classroom for ZPS students. The wetland system comprised of the east and west wetlands just south of Riley Street, makes for a wonderful walk. The wetlands class at ZPS wrote and published a ZPS Wetlands Trail Guide to help identify the wetland plants that are visible. Please contact the MACC office to receive a copy of this guide.
Water Managed by Practice: 12,417 Gals/Yr
Project Link: http://www.the-macc.org/watershed/demonstration-sites/
Contact Name: Ken Freestone
Phone: 6164035777
email: creativityken1@gmail.com
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