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8/27/2010 - jasher
Does anyone know a vendor who sells rain barrels near Holland, MI?
8/28/2010 - freestone
-Dave Smith is the owner of in Holland. He has built and sold 100ís of rain barrels.

8/27/2010 - guest
I am thinking about putting in a rain garden but donít know where the best place to buy plants or what types of plants to use. Does anyone have any recommendations?
2/9/2012 - holtzcel
-Check out the Rain Gardens information on the SEMCOG website.... this website provides information on how to plan, build and design the rain garden, and also which native Michigan plants to use.

12/9/2010 - sgreenfield
I am not familiar with the native plant nurseries in Michigan and their locations, but I am guessing they are located outside of urban areas. Our rain garden program has worked with our Wild Ones chapter which does a native plant sale once a year as a fundraiser. We also have worked directly with the nurseries, ordering early, and they deliver the plants in trays. Receiving them by mail has also been successful and the plants arrive amazingly healthy. The nurseries probably have websites. If you are ordering for a large number of gardens--enough to order one or more tray of a single species--you can get very good prices: $1.00 to $1.25 per plant plug plus delivery.

5/16/2011 - wolfson1
Does anyone know of any upcoming rain barrel sales in the next two weeks in the Greater Lansing area?
5/18/2011 - wolfson1
-Rain Barrel Sale this weekend - May 21 in the Foods for Living Parking Lot, 2655 E. Grand River, East Lansing, MI 48823

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