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8/27/2010 - jasher
Does anyone know where I can buy a rain barrel?
8/27/2010 - guest
-You can buy them at Home Depot and Menards. I believe they are $98 and $103.
8/27/2010 - oneilg
-On occasion groups sell them out of trucks in the parking lot of Dunhamís in East Lansing (on Michigan Ave near Frandoor). I know it sounds sketchy, but theyíre legit.
9/10/2010 - GoGreen Step
-I am the owner of GoGreen Step and we make Rain Barrels and Compost Bins in Holland, MI. Rain Barrels are $65. They are 55 gallons, painted Brown, Khaki or Hunter Green. Thanks! Dave
6/1/2011 - markw
-In the Chicago area, the cheapest way in the Chicago Water Reclamation District rain barrel sale, which is usually twice a year. $48 last time I think.

8/27/2010 - guest
Can you eat plants(vegetables) that are watered from your roof?
8/27/2010 - wolfson1
-It is not advised. This site has a fact sheet that provides more detail -- go to:

10/17/2010 - garybeatty
Rain barrels and rain gardens are great, but nothing here addresses the biggest problem I see with neighborhood water management -- lawns. Digging out grass and putting in garden areas increases drainage and reduces pollution from fossil fuel-using, noise pollution-contributing lawnmowers. And donít get me started on the fertilizer homeowners dump on that grass all the time just to keep it thick! Iím nearing the point where my only grass is the paths between my garden areas. My little ecosystem attracts birds, butterflies and other wildlife. Iíve also learned that more garden means LESS work than maintaining a lawn. Face it, those of us without kids donít need lawns for football. Lawns werenít even commonly grown around homes until the 1920s or so, gardens were. We need to think differently about what is attractive around our homes!

2/6/2015 - jasher
Here is an example of my rain garden I installed.
2/6/2015 - SusanBryan
-Beautiful garden jasher! You'll have to teach me how to post a photo.

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